Conference program RPA – 2020

Day two

8:30 – 13:00

Foyer, 1 floor

Poster Section

P.1 Using Phasor Measurements to Implement the Digital Substation Protection Functions

K. Aprosin, A. Tavlintsev, S. Semenenko (Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education «Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin», Russia)

P.2. Identification of emergency situations and abnormal modes according to the PMU data

A. Elizarova, I. Zapasova, T. Klimova, D. Dubinin (MPEI, SO UPS, Russia)

P.4. Application of PMU data for digital distribution networks

S. Piskunov, D. Ulyanov, A. Rodionov, K. Petrov, A. Mokeev, A. Popov («Engineering center «Energoservice», Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russia)

P.5. PMU data application for monitoring transformers in step-down substations

A. Popov, A. Mokeev, A. Blinov, D. Ulyanov, S. Piskunov, A. Rodionov (NARU, SpbPU, «Engineering center «Energoservice», Russia)

P.6. Discrete Fourier Transform options for enhancing the application of PMU measurements

V. Revyakin, S. Pletnev, T. Klimova (MPEI, Russia)

P.7. Neuronale as a universal on relay protection

Yu. Dementii (LLC, Relematica, Russia)

P.8. Statistical Approach to Setting Traveling-wave Fault Locator

A. Podshivalin, G. Ismukov (LLC, Relematica, Russia)

P.9. Digital relay protection filters in conditions of changing frequency of the electric power system

D. Eremeev, V. Narovlyansky, A. Shitikov (JSC VNIIR, Russia)

P.10. Estimation of parameters of sinusoidal oscillations against the background of the aperiodic

component of the transition process

T. Klimova, A. Rasshcheplyaev (NRY MPEI, Russia)

P.11. Step-by-step Correlation protection for OPC with switching of a low-power resistor in a 6-35 kV network

Ya. Artsishevsky, B. Bat-Erdene, V. Balashov (NRY MPEI, Russia)

P.12. Operational features of relay protection controlled by magnetization of shunt reactors in various network operation modes

L. Koshkareva (NRU «MPEI», Russia)

P.13. The concept of building of universal protection against earth faults in compensated and uncompensated 6-10 kV cable networks and methods for its implementation

V. Shuin, T. Shadrikova (Ivanovo State Power Engineering University named after V.I. Lenin, Russia)

P.14. Fast Automatic Transfer System. Implementation Experience

S. Mikhalev (NTC «Mekhanotronika” LLC, Russia)

P.15. Identification of emergency situations in the electric power system according to PMU’s data

A. Elizarova, I. Zapasova, T. Klimova, D. Dybinina (NRU «MPEI», Russia)

P.17. Application of SPM for digital distribution networks

S. Piskunov, D. Ulyanov, A. Rodionov, K. Petrov, A. Mokeev, A. Popov (Engineering center «Energoservice», Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russia)

P.18. Application of PMU for monitoring transformers of step-down substations

A. Mokeev, A. Popov, A. Rodionov, D. Ylyanov, A. Blinov (Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Engineering center «Energoservice», Russia)

P.19. Variants of the discrete Fourier transform for the synchronized vector measurement

V. Revyakin, S. Pletnev, T. Klimova (NRU «MPEI», Russia)

P.20. Using the synchronized vector measurement for implementation of protection functions

for digital substations

K. Aprosin, A. Vavlintsev, S. Semenenko (URFU, Russia)

P.21. Continuous monitoring of the generator insulation system based on the overlay of primary DC circuits

R. Vanshtein, E. Ponomarev, A. Doronin, P. Voronov, E. Myasnikov (TSU, NPP EKRA, Lcc., Russia)

P.23 Classification of transient signals in the travelling wave fault location

R. Khuziashev, I. Kuzmin (Kazan State Power Engineering University, Russia)

P.24. Features of calculation of parameters of RPA devices operation in non-standard operating modes

V. Efremov, A. Malchugina, A. Tanygina, A. Efremov (Relematika, ltd., Chuvash State University named after I. N. Ulianov, Russia

P.25. System of automatic hierarchical control of voltage and reactive power in EPS

A. Domyshev, A. Osak (ESI SB RAS, Russia)

P.26. Distributed PACS of Step-down Substations

E. Khromtsov, A. Mokeev, D. Ulyanov, S. Piskunov (Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Engineering center «Energoservice», Russia)

P.27. Wave series in the location of damage to a non-uniform power line at one or more observation points

A. Podshivalin, G. Ismukov, G. Terentev (Relematika, ltd., Russia)

P.28 Conceptual issues of development of communication channels of RPA. Migration from point-to-point connections to a multiplexed network with packet transfer

A. Chirkov, E. Makarov, I. Solovarov (Prosoft-system ltd., Russia)


Hall А

Section 5: "Conceptual issues for the development of PACS technology"


A. Zhukov (JSC SO UES, Russia)

A. Voloshin (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

S.5-1. Routable GOOSE Application for Wide Area Protection & Control

M. Kanabar, A. Cioraca, A. Varghese (GE Renewable Energy, Canada, Great Britain)

S.5-2. Improving Conventional Under-Frequency Load Shedding by Pattern Recognition Technology

T. Škrjanc, R. Mihalič, U. Rudež (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

S.5-3. Boosting the performance of under-frequency load shedding by assessing the frequency-stability margin

U. Rudež, R. Mihalič (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

S.5-4. Incipient fault detection in generator through numerical relay

Shri Anil Shrivastava Shri N P Dewangan Shri Anand Pandey (NTPC Ltd, India)

S.5-5. Analysis and Performance of the Substation Integrated Protection and Control System- SIPACS of Shunt Static Reactive Compensators: The Case of Eletrobras Eletronorte in the Brazilian Power System

Thiago Pereira Soares, Felipe Rodrigues Lopes, (Centrais Elétricas do Norte do Brasil S/A – Eletrobras Eletronorte, Brazil)

S.5-6. Determining the line zero sequence impedance for improved PACS fault location

Marian DRAGOMIR (Transelectrica, Romania)

S.5-7. Cross-platform solutions for Digital PACS

A. Kholodov, E. Rogozinnikov, A. Ryzhkov (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

S.5-8. Improving the technical perfection of relay protection of medium voltage electrical networks by expanding their information base

V. Nagay, I. Nagay, S. Sarry, V. Nagay, P. Kireev, A.Ukraintsev (M. I. Platov NPI, Russia)


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Section 3: «Cybersecurity - a driver or an obstacle for PACS development?»


A. Gurevich (SO UPS, JSC, Russia)

V Karantaev (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

I. Patriota de Siqueira (CIGRE, SC B5, Brazil)

S.3-1. Principles for implementing cybersecurity solutions for cross-platform PACS.

A. Kulikov, V. Zinin, T. Sharaev (JSC «NIpOM», NGTU Alekseeva, Russia

S.3-2. Practical aspects of implementing requirements safety software development for digital substation

L. Zastylova (JSC «ROSATOM ACS», Russia)

S.3-3. The new technologies for PACS of digital substation, that provide increased resistance to cyberattacks

S. Huhulov, D. Blagorazumov (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

S.3-4. Protection of technological information transference over IEC 60870-5 protocols, based on IEC 62351 standards

A. Gurevich (JSC «SO UPS», Russia)

S.3-5. Cybersecure digital substation concept with Zero trust Architecture elements

V. Karantaev (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

S.3-6. Cybersecurity of industrial automation systems. The view of Vendor of RPAE/ICS

А. Bondugin (JSC «Prosoft-Systems», Russia)

S.3-7. Implementation of information security functions in relay protection

N. Parshikov, I. Evgrafov (CHEAZ R&D Centre, Russia)

S.3-8. Tracing IT terms «integrity, confidentiality, availability» to the power system terms «outages, recovery time, equipment damage»

А. Voloshin (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)




Hall А

Section 5: "Conceptual issues for the development of PACS technology" (continued)


A.V. Zhukov (JSC SO UES, Russia)

A. A. Voloshin (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

S.5-9. Automatic emergency and mode control of isolated power systems

S. Pavlushko, A. Zhukov, E. Satsuk, A. Gerasimov, A. Lisitsyn (JSC "SO UES", JSC "STC UES", Russia)

S.5-10. Features in control of power plant units in isolated power systems

A. Gerasimov, A. Smirnov, O. Gurikov, S. Pavlushko, A.Zhukov, E. Satsuk (JSC "SO UES", JSC "STC UES", Russia)

S.5-11. Application of cloud solutions for automated functional testing for Digital PACS

A. Lebedev, D. Blagorazumov (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

S.5-12. Automated system for setpoint calculations for  Digital PACS

A. Kovalenko (NTI Centre at  MPEI, Russia)

S.5-13. Measures to eliminate the risks of incorrect operation of PACS in transient modes accompanied

by CT saturation

V. Vorobyev, V. Moskalenko, A. Rasshcheplyaev (JSC "SO UES", Russia)

S.5-14. Analysis and compliance verification of the characteristics of class P current transformers with the operating conditions of differential bus protection manufactured by NPP EKRA LLC in the presence of an aperiodic component

in the short-circuit currents

S. Kuzhekov, A. Degtyarev, A. Babichev, A. Ilchenko, A. Shurupov, N. Doni, L. Kostarev, A. Fedotov (LLC NPF " Kvazar», NPP EKRA LLC, Russia)

S.5-15 Increasing the reliability of digital differential protection in modes with deep saturation of current transformers

A. Viadev, N. Zaitsev, D. Fedosov (The Irkutsk National Research Technical University, Russia

S.5-16. On some aspects of the influence of external magnetic fields on the operation of current transformers and on the reliability of relay protection

A. Novozhilov, N. Kurguzov, L. Kurguzova, T. Novozhilov, M. Kurguzova (S. Toraigyrov Pavlodar state University, Omsk state technical University, "Electrotechnical design Institute TELPRO" LLP, Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia)


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Section 3: «Cybersecurity - a driver or an obstacle for PACS development?»


A. Gurevich (SO UPS, JSC, Russia)

V Karantaev (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

I. Patriota de Siqueira (CIGRE, SC B5, Brazil)

S.3-9. Do we need to apply Cyber Security for Distribution Networks? Investigating Challenges and Solutions

E. Weerathunga, A. Appukuttan, M. Kanabar, A. Chulkov (GE Renewable Energy, GB, Canada, Russia)

S.3-10. Cyberattacks effects analysis on digital substation PACS systems high voltage classes

V. Karpenko (JSC «Solar Security», Russia)

S.3-11. Cybersecurity is a one of the top conditions for digitalization of the Power energy industry

Е. Gengrinovich, (JSC “Infotecs”, Russia)

S.3-12. Theory and practice of IEC 62443 implementation for PACS cybersecurity increase

О. Arkhangelskiy, V. Karantaev, D. Sutov (JSC «Solar Security», NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

S.3-13. Actual trends in the development of the regulatory framework for ensuring cybersecurity of industrial automation systems

D. Pravikov (Gubkin University, Russia)

S.3-14. Industrial control systems monitoring and cybersecurity management. Approaches and solutions

D. Darenskiy (Positive Technologies, Russia)

S.3-15. Microprocessor-based PACS development. Informational safety and  secure coding requirements

А.А. Larukhin (ООО «IGrids», Russia)

S.3-16. The cybersecurity role in the Electric power industry digitalization

А.V. Petukhov (Kaspersky, Russia)




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Section 5: "Conceptual issues for the development of PACS technology" (continued)


G. S. Nudelman (VNIIR, Russia)

A. Apostolov (OMICRON electronics, USA)

S.5-17. Theoretical and applied aspects of identifying the local component of the emergency process

I. Kochetov, Yu. Lyamets, F. Makashin (Relematika LLC, Russia)

S. 5-18. The practice of using MP RZA complexes is a base for improving relay protection devices for generating facilities

A. Polivanov, D. Rybin, E. Kolobrodov, P. Guryev, S. Elkin (MOSENERGO PJSC, TEKON group of companies, Russia)

S.5-19. Development of automation for preventing stability violations with the selection of control in the power system transition mode

V. Vasiliev, N. Lizalek, E. Satsuk (Branch of JSC "SO UES" ODU of the South, NSTU, JSC "SO UES", Russia)

S.5-20. Problems of parameters tuning for overvoltage protection for overhead power lines during overvoltages in series compensators

D. Panasetski, A. Osak, E. Buzina (ISEM SB RAS, Russia)

S.5-21. Features of application of phase angle between voltage vectors as a controlled value in the ARPM system of 500 kV power transmission Reftinskaya TPP – Surgut TPP

V. Makovtsev, A. Landman, E. Satsuk, Yu. Luzhkovsky (JSC " IAES», JSC "SO UES", Russia)

S.5-22. Unification of characteristics of distance protections of power transmission lines

A. Maslov, M. Martynov, Yu. Lyamets (Relematics LLC, Russia)

S.5-23. Fundamentals of an universal method for setpoints calculation using prefigure theory

M. Martynov, I. Nikonov (Relematics LLC, Russia)

S.5-24 Particular qualities of configuration of relay protection systems in power grids using current limiter devices based on high-temperature superconductivity (SFCL)

P. Ustyzhanin, M. Moyzykh, S. Samoilenkov, O. Tokareva (CJSC “SuperOx”, JSC «SO UPS», Russia)


Hall B

Section 7: «Reliability of the RPA and the influence of the human factor»


А. Shapeev (VNIIR, JSC, Russia)

A. Voloshin (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

С.7-1. The relay protection devices exploitation organization in PJSC ROSSETI: the relay protection and automation systems reliability main influencing factors

S. Vergazov, V. Kirilenkov (PJSC ROSSETI, Russia)

S.7-2. RPA typical design solutions development

M. Shevtsov (ENTEL, Ltd., Russia)

S.7-3. Ensuring reliability of protection, automation and control devices of Relematika during their life cycle

V.A. Efremov, S.V. Ivanov (Relematika LLC, Russia)

S.7-4. Training of electrical personnel to work with microprocessor relays in order to improve the reliability

of relay protection

P. Varganov, S. Vasilieva, Е. Marshutin (CHEAZ, JSC, Russia)

S.7-5. The prevention of Human Errors in the PACS environment

Alvaro T. A. Pereira, Antonio C. C. Castro, Luciano A. C. Lisboa (Companhia Hidroeletrica do Sao Francisco - CHESF, Brazil)

S.7-6. Requirements to relay protection and automation testing process for reducing the human factor impact

Yu. Smirnov (SPP Dinamika, Ltd., Russia)

S.7-7 The impact of the human factor on the cybersecurity of electric power objects in the era of total digitalization

A. Osak, D. Panasesti, E. Buzina (ESI SB RAS, Russia)

С.7-8. Reliability indexes calculation based on functional system statement

N. Gracheva (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

S.7-9. Digital relay protection reliability ensuring by monitoring the voltage and current transformers measuring path

A. Kulikov, V. Zinin, A. Petrov (JSC «NIpOM», NGTU Alekseeva, Russia)

S.7-10. Operation Analysis of the Relay Protection and Automation Devices and Complexes of Branches of PJSC «RusHydro» in 2019

V.А. Kuzmichev, А.Y. Zakharenkov, S.N. Sakharov, А.P. Моrozov, D.G. Tkachev (JSC «Institute Hydroproject» - Branch "NIIES", PJSC «RusHydro» Russia)

С.7-11. Using predictive reliability analysys results of relay protection and automation in planning of technical service and modernization

D. Tkachev (PJSC RusHydro, Russia)




Hall A

Section 5: "Conceptual issues for the development of PACS technology" (continued)


G. Nudelman (VNIIR, Russia)

A. Apostolov (OMICRON electronics, USA)

S.5-25. Analysis of the communication network for differential protection of a multi-end power line

A. Podshivalin, I. Kapustina (Relematics LLC, Russia)

S.5-26. Analysis of PACS events and actions based on "digital twins" in the automated PACS monitoring system

V. Egorov, K. Lapaeva (Relematics LLC, Russia)

S.5-27. From CAD to the "digital twin" of the Digital SAS

A. Trofimov, V. Trofimov (NRU "MPEI", Russia)

S.5-28. Protection tasks solving using application resources of modern microprocessor devices

V. Stepanov (JSC "ABB the Power and Automated Systems", Russia)

S.5-29. Information model of PACS for intelligent control systems of digital power industry

A. Soldatov, V.Antonov, V. Naumov, N. Karpova (ChSU named after I. N. Ulyanov, NPP "EKRA" LLC, Russia)

S.5-30 Principles of formation of generalized signs of operation of multidimensional relay protection

A. Kulikov, D. Bezdushny (Alekseev NSTU, Russia)

S.5-31. Backup ALAR with intelligent control of mode parameter changing

A. Nikitina, V. Petrov , V. Antonov (NPP EKRA LLC, I. N. Ulyanov ChSU, Russia)

S.5-32. General principles of relay protection devices with advanced intelligence

V. Antonov, V. Naumov, D. Stepanova (ChSU named after I. N. Ulyanov, NPP EKRA LLC, Russia)


Hall B

Round-table discussion «Reliability of the RPA and the influence of the human factor»


A. Zhukov (SO UPS, JSC, Russia)

A. Voloshin (NTI Centre at MPEI, Russia)

А. Shapeev (VNIIR, JSC, Russia)

R. Loken (CIGRE, SC B5, Norway)