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Sections plan        

Section 1. Development, design, commissioning and operation of PACS on Digital Substations:

experience and practical achievements.

        The most effective and the most overrated technologies.

        Application of technologies that expand the "life cycle" of PACS.

        Is the lag in PACS technology development (compared to IT) critical for power industry in the era of global digitalization?

        Typical PACS solutions – a brake on the way of PACS research and development?

        Methodologies for evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of “digital” solutions.

        Practical achievements of the installation and operation of Digital PACS.

Section 2. Prospects for the development and application of standard IEC 61850

        “White spots” and issues requiring additional standardization.

        Assessing the applicability of the standard provisions in practice - what is widely used and what

        does not find practical applications?

        Directions for future development of the standard.

Section 3. Section 3 Cybersecurity - a driver or an obstacle for PACS development?

        New cybersecurity technologies:

                Built In solutions for devices (IEDs, MUs, switches and so on)

                Architectures of full-scale solutions to ensure cybersecurity at power facilities

        Operation management of the Cybersecurity System at power facilities.

        Effectiveness of Cybersecurity solutions.

        Development of the regulatory and legislative framework for cybersecurity.

Round Table (Discussion session). Challenges and experience in developments and implementation of digital substations

        What are our goals?

        What are we doing to achieve our goals?

        How do we verify the result?

        What do we get in practice?

        Are corrective actions necessary?

Section 4. Increasing the Power System Control efficiency by the use of PMUs

        The development of PMU technology is a factor in increasing the efficiency of Power Systems management.

        New features of monitoring and control systems based on PMU technology.

        Data quality - as a reason for limiting the use of PMU in control systems?

        Integration of PMU and digital substation technologies.

        Application examples for PMU technology:

                maintenance of electric power facilities;

                monitoring and control of power systems.

Section 5. Conceptual issues of the PACS development

        New PACS architectures.

        New trends affecting the development of PACS (Internet of things, Internet of Energy ...)

        New technologies for operating and emergency control.

        New information technologies within the tasks of PACS

        New protocols

        Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods.

Section 6. PACS for distribution networks with distributed generation, renewables and storages

        Differences in the operating modes compared to legacy networks. Assessment of emergency parameters
        during fast transients and their influence on power supply and automatic control tasks.

        Challenges in PACS development for networks with heterogeneous energy sources

        Approaches and solutions for development of PACS for microgrids

        Development of the standards and regulations for PACS of distribution networks with

        renewables and storage.

Section 7. Human Factors influencing the Reliability of PACS

        Assessment of PACS reliability indicators during their development, design, and operation

        stages. What are the requirements? How do we implement them? What and how do we verify?

        Assessment of the human factor influence on the reliability of PACS during their life cycle

        Requirements for staff training and organization of work to reduce the negative impact of the

        human factor

        Technology requirements to reduce the impact of the human factor

        Human factor influencing the cybersecurity

Round table (Discussion session). Reliability of PACS and human factors

        What are the current requirements for the PACS reliability?

        How do we confirm the fulfillment of reliability requirements for relay protection and

        automation equipment at different stages of their life cycle? (production, design, setting

        calculations, commissioning, operation)

        What is the influence of the human factor on the reliability of PACS, what methods do we use to evaluate it?

        Is it necessary to do something, and if necessary, then what, in order to reduce

        the influence of the human factor on the reliability of PACS?