Reliable power supply is a major factor for successful development in the modern world. ANTRAKS Scientific and Manufacturing Company develops a wide range of technical solutions for digital transformation of power networks. Implementation of such devices ensures monitoring and control of all power line branches, transformer and distribution substations. Separate devices for monitoring and diagnostic are integrated into a digital system to control the power supply in the real time.

In the case of fault, the signal instantly goes to SCADA system and to the dispatcher desk, while emergency crew receives text and e-mail messages with the coordinates of actuated devices. Remotely controlled disconnectors enable immediate cutting the damaged area off from the general power supply system. Additional analytical module of KOMORSAN system will suggest a possible reason of fault that allows taking necessary instruments upon crew’s departure.

Use of ANTRAKS technical solutions reduces the time for troubleshooting dramatically, decreasing the wear of section equipment and expenses for emergency crew. The devices allows accelerating power supply resumption and improvement of SAIDI and SAIFI indicators. Equipment operates successfully even at extreme temperatures, in high mountains and near seacoast, at any humidity and solar radiation level.
Bresler R&D enterprise, LLC
Since 1992, Bresler R&D enterprise, LLC has been a reliable partner in solving science-intensive tasks of relay protection and automation of electric power systems. During the period of operation of the enterprise, an impressive range of science-intensive products and microprocessor devices has been produced. The enterprise has its own modern, well-equipped production capacities. Nowadays, Bresler R&D enterprise, LLC provides its customers with a full range of services: from the development of an investment project to its implementation and subsequent stage-wise support. Leading power grid and industrial companies in Russia and the CIS countries are under the reliable protection of Bresler equipment, which is the best possible evidence of our achievements.

Site: www.bresler.ru

Scientific and Production Association Gorizont Plus, LLC
Scientific and Production Association Gorizont Plus, LLC has been developing state-of-the-art converters (sensors) for measuring basic physical quantities for more than 20 years. The converters are designed to be used in the Russian and foreign power engineering industry and in terms of the price-quality relationship are highly competitive with their foreign analogues. Nowadays, the Company offers original sensors for measuring current up to 20 kA, voltage up to 3,000 V and active power up to 4,000 kW. All devices are certified, included in the State Register of SI system of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, are supplied to the CIS countries and South Korea.
As part of import substitution program, the Company offers a new product: High-voltage electronic smart clamp KT-1000-V for measuring current up to 1,000 A at voltage of the bus bar up to 10,000 V. All developed converters provide galvanic isolation of input and output circuits, convenient output interface 0-20 mA (4-20 mA)
Scientific and Production Association Gorizont Plus, LLC offers out free delivery of its products
to all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries

Site: www.gorizont-plus.ru

SPE Dynamics
The Scientific-Production Enterprise Dynamics is the leading developer and producer of modern relay protection testing equipment of RETOM series in Russia.
Main products:
RETOM-71 - highly accurate testing system;
RETOM-61/51 - universal testing systems;
RETOM-61850 - testing system for relay protection and automation systems under IEC 61850;
«NETWORK ANALYZER» - software for analysis of digital substation traffic;
RET-KOM - industrial switch, RedBox, media converter;
RET-OPTIC - 1PPS clock signal converter;
RETOM-21/25 - multi-purpose systems for primary and secondary equipment test;
RETOMETR-M2/RETOMETR-M3 - digital volt-amper-phase meters;
RETOM-30kА - testing system for primary current testing of automatic AC breakers;
RET-MOM/RET-MOM.2 - microhmmeters.
Warranty period for the whole products is 5 years.

Site: www.dynamics.com.ru/en/

«INBRES» LLC is an engineering company. Main activites:
  • Integrated solutions promotion
  • Engineering and system integration
  • Development and implementation of automation systems (SAS, monitoring systems, digital substations)
  • Implementation of complex, unique and innovative projects
Site: www.inbres.ru
Engineering Center Energoservice
Engineering Center Energoservice is an electronic device manufacturer located in Northwest Russia. Our company designs and produces devices for power generation, transmission and distribution, including ENIP-2 multifunctional measuring devices, ESM smart meters with power quality analyzer features, ENCS-3m and ENCM remote terminal units. As one of the industry leading research companies, Energoservice creates innovative solutions, paying close attention to the functionality and quality of its products.

Site: enip2.ru
Relay protection and automation devices manufactured by LLC "NTR" intended in electrical networks and power supply circuits of railway transport and industrial enterprises. They are all the demanded functions of protection, automation, registration of emergency events and processes. Based on relay protection and automation devices of the NTR series, standard scales and panels for various purposes are produced, standard design and engineering solutions for new construction and modernization of power facilities have been developed. All applied technical solutions are time-tested and meet the highest quality standards. Production and service support center locating in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Site: https://ntr-rza.ru/

Nienschanz-Automatica – Moxa
Moxa provides state-of-the-art solutions for substation automation and feeder automation applications for both public utilities and enterprises. Our rich experience in this industry, coupled with our innovative work on the latest technologies, enables us to develop market-specific solutions for computing and communication applications in this domain.
Nienschanz-Automatica is the official distributor of Moxa equipment in Russia.

Site: moxa.ru
Prosoft-Systems has an international expert status in the field of power energy and automation systems. Also the company is a member of workgroups and research committees of authoritative international organizations, such as: CIGRE, OPC Foundation, UCA International Users Group, EtherCAT Technology Group.
Prosoft Systems are working in the following areas:
  • Substation and power grid automation
  • Thermal, gas and hydroelectric power station automation
  • Solar and wind park automation
  • Relay protection and automation
  • Smart metering and electric power quality control systems
Site: prosoftsystems.ru/en
«Relematika», LLC.
The company “Relematika” is: one of the leading manufacturers and developers on the Russian market of microprocessor relay protection, well-known Russian research centre of electrotechnical science, modern and upcoming company.
Our specialization is microprocessor relay protection. We produce a complete range of relay protection and automation systems for power facilities 6(10) -750 kV. When creating solutions we have considered all the current trends and standards, have tested for compatibility with the products of the largest global suppliers.

Site: www.relematika.ru
RTSoft-Smart Grid, OOO
RTSOFT-SMART GRID, OOO offers services in the field of development and supply of software products, software and hardware complexes, solutions and services for the digital transformation of the electrical power industry.
Key focused directions:
  • modeling and creation of digital twins;
  • risk-oriented asset management;
  • forecasting and optimization algorithms.
For end customers, the company offers complete turnkey technical solutions, combined in the main groups:
  • life cycle management of relay protection and automation;
  • monitoring of electrical equipment and transient modes of power systems;
management of distributed energy resources and Microgrid.

Site: www.rtsoft.ru

Tekvel is the Russia-based engineering company in the field of protection, automation and control (PAC) for electric power industry with the focus on IEC 61850 applications founded in 2010. Tekvel provides the following solutions and services for clients:
  • Digital secondary systems and software applications
  • PAC design and commissioning
  • Software and hardware distribution
  • Training and consultancy services
Tekvel has a team of passionate, open minded and high-qualified professionals in the field of PAC, data analysis, software and hardware development. Most of our team members have graduated the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and hold a tight cooperation with the researchers from the department of protective relaying.
Tekvel’s employees are deeply involved into international IEC 61850 activities by participating in IEC 61850 standard development and attending IEC TC 57 WG 10 meetings.

Site: tekvel.com

Cheboksary Electrical Apparatus Plant, AO
CHEAZ Group of Companies is an electrical holding company ready to solve complex tasks for the construction and reconstruction of power distribution systems from design to turnkey delivery of the facility.
The availability of own production, engineering potential, agreements with foreign and domestic suppliers, representative offices in the federal districts of the Russian Federation allow the Cheaz Group of Companies to participate in the construction of large facilities.

Site: www.cheaz.ru/en/
EKRA Research and Production Enterprise, Ltd.
EKRA Research and Production Enterprise Ltd. performs:
• research and advanced development activities;
• design works;
• manufacturing:
- microprocessor-based protective relaying and control cubicles for power stations and substations;
- emergency control cubicles;
- Automatic Process Control for substations;
- operating DC voltage systems;
- 0.4 kV local distribution boards;
- non-standard low voltage complete devices;
- soft start and speed control systems for high-voltage electric motors with 3..15 kV voltage;
- frequency transformers;
- digital static thyristor exciters;
- communication systems.
• adjustment supervision of equipment at site;
• training;
• warranty maintenance and service maintenance.

Site: www.ekra.ru

Unitel Engineering LLC
Unitel Engineering LLC is a Russia-based engineering company, developer, and manufacturer of high-grade equipment and end-to-end solutions that have the required reliability and safety features. The Company designs,
supplies and maintains process systems for the fuel and energy complex and other sectors of industry.

Unitel Engineering LLC is engaged in the research, development, and manufacture of cuttingedge
process equipment and devices that meet world-class standards.

Site: https://uni-eng.ru/eng/

Łukasiewicz-ITR conducts comprehensive and interdisciplinary scientific research and development activities on highly advanced technologies and innovations, in particular with regard to ICT systems, electronics, electronic installation and Industry 4.0 solutions.
We operate for the business industry and support the development of the Polish economy.
Our position in the power industry market was permanently established over a quarter-century ago: Łukasiewicz was the first in Poland to develop and implement in medium voltage switchgears a general-purpose medium voltage protection device called MUPASZ (Microprocessor Unit for Measurements, Automatics, Control and Protection). From that point on, in cooperation with companies interested in the production of modern and competitive products, we have developed several generations of smart field controllers, a number of product lines and implemented many innovative energy projects.
Using the latest technologies and its own modern research and experimental base, Łukasiewicz-ITR implements innovative projects for the power industry, from the design and research phase to practical implementation.
Our priority is to create innovative solutions for customers interested in manufacturing advanced and competitive products. The synergy of research, design and implementation teams enables us to constantly improve our solutions, which are widely appreciated by our customers.

Site: https://itr.lukasiewicz.gov.pl/en/

Rittal, headquartered in Herborn, Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of distribution cabinet systems, solutions for electrical distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure. Rittal solutions are used in the field of industrial automation, mechanical engineering, electronics, energy, information technology, communications and telecommunications, transport and construction. Around the world, 58 subsidiaries employ more than 10,000 employees.The company offers comprehensive solutions for modular and energy-efficient Data centers, starting with an innovative security concept and ending with the physical protection of data and IT infrastructure systems.

Site: www.rittal.ru