EKRA Research and Production Enterprise Ltd. performs:

  • research and advanced development activities;

  • design works;

  • manufacturing:

- microprocessor-based protective relaying and control cubicles for power stations and substations;

- emergency control cubicles;

- Automatic Process Control for substations;

- operating DC voltage systems;

- 0.4 kV local distribution boards;

- non-standard low voltage complete devices;

- soft start and speed control systems for high-voltage electric motors with 3..15 kV voltage;

- frequency transformers;

- digital static thyristor exciters;

- communication systems.

  • adjustment supervision of equipment at site;

  • training;

  • warranty maintenance and service maintenance.

Official Websitewww.ekra.ru


All-Russian Scientific Research & Development Technological Institute of Relay Engineering with Pilot Production, a part of ABS Electro Holding.

Performs the whole variety of works, including scientific research and development activities, engineering, delivery, completing, start-up and commissioning of the whole range of electrical equipment, as well as maintenance services at facilities. VNIIR comprehensively assists customers in modernizing, extending of service life of electrical equipment for operating power facilities, power facilities under reconstruction and power facilities re-introduced into operation. VNIIR actively practices research activities in the field of electric power systems.